El Dr. Darío Lagos disertó en Londres el 14/10/2011 a las 19.30hs

El Dr. Darío Lagos disertó en Londres en un encuentro organizado por El Centro de Psicoterapia de los Derechos Humanos y el Centro Baobab para jóvenes sobrevivientes en el exilio. 14 de Octubre 19.30hs., Londres.

Psychotherapy and Political Repression
The Centre for Psychotherapy and Human Rights and The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile are pleased to announce a presentation by
Dario Lagos
from Argentina

Between 1976-83 during the military dictatorship in Argentina around 30,000 people were disappeared – abducted tortured and many finally killed. The mothers of many disappeared young people formed a a group to protest and to demand from the government an explanation of what had happened to their children. They became known as the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, a plaza in the centre of Buenos Aires where they paraded daily with pictures of their missing children.

Dario Lagos was a member of a group of psychotherapists who provided psychological assistance to the ‘Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo’. He was also a co-editor and co-author of the book that resulted from this work, the ‘Psychological Consequences of Political Repression, which remains one of the most insightful and informative studies of the impact of political oppression on individuals and society.

For many years after the fall of the dictatorship there was ‘impunity’ for the perpetrators of the disappearances. More recently the ‘impunity has been revoked and some of those perpetrators are being brought to trial. Dario has been providing psychological assistance to witnesses in those trials, many of whom have to remember and perhaps relive their traumatic experiences in the course of giving evidence.

7.30pm Friday 14th October at 10 Manor Gardens, London N7
Please call Amy Wilson at Baobab 0207 263 1301 to reserve a seat. Entrance is free but donations will be appreciated.

El Dr. Darío Lagos disertará organizado por El Centro de Psicoterapia los Derechos Humanos y el Centro Baobab para jóvenes sobrevivientes en el exilio, el 14 de Octubre las 19.30hs., en Londres
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